Arkansas State University USA

Arkansas State University USA

A Reasons why ASU is an attractive University to student recruitment forms to
offer to their students
1 Arkansas State University is a state University, owned, funded and operated by the State
of Arkansas. This gives it the much needed prestige as well as brings down the cost for
the student as the state funds 50% roughly, of the operating budget of the University.
This is almost like a 50% scholarship therefore for each student, including International

2 This point above helps ASU offer a package of quality education at an affordable price, in
a caring and supportive environment, in a fantastic 800 acre campus and in the US, the
land of opportunity! USA, as we know is still the number 1 choice of students all over the
world for higher education abroad.

3 For recruitment consultancy firms, recruiting to ASU makes for a very good opportunity
due to the fact that ASU is one of the very small minority of Universities in the US, which
pays commissions to admission partners.

4 A vast majority of Universities in the US do not pay commissions to agents. ASU pays a
commission of 10% to admission partners.

5 Not only does ASU pay a 10% commission for each student recruited, but it pays this
commission for tuition fees received from your students throughout the course, even if it
is a 4 year Undergraduate Programme at ASU. This is a revenue model at a State
University in the US which is not commonly found, for student recruitment companies.

6 ASU has three intakes in a year. Jan (Spring), June (Summer) and August (Fall). Hence you
have an opportunity to earn revenues through this partner institution 3 times a yr.

7 Commissions are paid within 7‐8 weeks of the start date of the programme which is
relatively quicker than commission payments from other institutions.

8 For applications received from your office, I20s will be sent to you within 2‐3 weeks
which is better than what most US Universities are able to do. Hence a quick turnaround
time for applications received to I20s sent to our partners, is one of our major strengths
at ASU.

9 15 years of education is acceptable for a student to get admission into a Masters degree
(for eg, MBA) at ASU due to the number credit hours that students do at a 3 yr Bachelors
programme in South Asia.

10 ASU offers more than 250 fully accredited and recognized associate, baccalaureate,
masters, doctoral programs, options, and concentrations. ASU and its programs have
over 20 different accreditations, and a degree from ASU is recognized worldwide. We
maintain the highest accreditation in each field of study as well as English as a Second
Language (ESL) program

11 The MBA program at ASU is accredited by the ‘Association to Advanced Collegiate
Schools of Business (AACSB)’ which is the best accreditation that a business School can
have in the US and also internationally


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