Dublin International Foundation College 


DIFC is located in Dublin offering Foundation and Pre Master program with gaurenteed progression to Irish, UK and Australian Universities through NCUK. 

Min IELTS required is 4.0 

Pre Foundation Program  3 months or more  Euro 3000
Undergraduate Foundation   1 year  Euro 10,000 
Pre Master / Graduate Diploma  1 year  Euro 10,000 

NOTE: As per visa Office guidelines part time work while studying for Foundation course at DIFC is NOT ALLOWED. Only exception is Foundation course is packaged with a degree program 

Some Key selling points for Ireland / DIFC as an education destination for non-EU students:

 DIFC is the largest University Foundation College (Pathway College) in Ireland with approximately 200 non-EU students being prepared for University entry for both Degree and Masters Programs each year.

 DIFC guarantee that they will place all students in to one of our NCUK Partner Universities or Colleges once they successfully complete the NCUK IFY and GDP programs. This guarantee does not apply to medicine but we pride ourselves that we have a 95% placement rate onto NCUK partners including medicine related programs in Ireland & the UK.

 Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe currently.

 Ireland has 3 of the top 5 friendliest cities in the world – Dublin, Cork & Galway.

 Dublin is ranked the 2nd best student city in the world for student mix / while also ranked as the 3rd best city in the world to visit for 2016.

 Minimum wage increased up to €9.15 per hour for 2016.

 Students are legally allowed to remain in Ireland for up to 12 months after they have graduated from University to find a full time job compared to the UK where non-EU University graduates have to return back to their home countries immediately upon graduation.

 Students can still progress to universities in the UK following foundation in Ireland – over 30 NCUK partners but initial foundation cost is approximately 30 – 40% cheaper to complete in Ireland.

 Europe’s move to weaken the Euro has led to international students making massive savings when they study in Ireland in comparison to Sterling prices in the UK. Students who choose to join the NCUK Foundation programmes in DIFC Ireland instead of the UK are making big savings as the cost of living is over 20% lower than in the UK in addition to the course fee savings.

 Approximately 70% of DIFC graduates in 2015 stayed in Ireland for their Degree and Masters programs while 30% of the DIFC graduates transferred over to NCUK Partner Universities in the UK.

 Students that want to transfer to one of the NCUK Partner Universities in the UK apply for their study visa to the UK Embassy in Dublin and it takes just 1 week for the UK study visa to be processed i.e. the student does not have to return to their home country to apply for their UK study visa after completion of their program at DIFC (100% visa approval rate in 2015).

 Students that complete the NCUK IFY and GDP programs at DIFC do not need to take an IELTS Test in order to get admission in to the NCUK Partner Universities in Ireland and the UK – the EAP grade that the student achieves on the NCUK IFY and/or GDP program will be accepted instead of IELTS by the NCUK Partner Universities.

 Individual program counselling, advice, and help with completing and submitting the University application forms for both Degree and Masters programs will be given to each student that is studying on the IFY and GDP programs at DIFC by our full time University Placement Officer.

 Student care by DIFC Student Services staff for new arrivals when they arrive in Ireland and register at DIFC is very important.
The people in Ireland are friendly, it is a beautiful country.