Canada Visa

Study Permit / Student visa application in Canada?

Consult our website for forms and instructions, including a list of countries whose nationals require a temporary resident visa:
for the latest Canada visa guideline
You must be submitting a student visa application online See for the latest update and process/fee.

for further detail regarding the Canada visa process for study contact our experts

Students can apply through below two routes

  • Standard student Visa application 
    You will be paying Canadian Institution required fee deposit and do English test accepted by Canadian Institution. Visa will be processed in standard processing time
  • Student Direct Stream SDS
    Your study permit application will be processed within 20 working days.
    You must have an IELTS Academic overall score of 6.0 and pay the full 1st year fee in advance. Additionally, you need to deposit CAN$20,635 into your Canadian online bank account as a Guaranteed Investment Certificate.

See more details at

You must submit the following items:

Student Essay / Statement of purpose stating your academic background, study plans in Canada, and future strategy after studies. This should be carefully drafted as you will not be attending the interview and visa officer will consider this statement when processing your application. SCS can assist you in drafting a convincing statement as per your background and intended course in Canada.

  1. Application form [IMM 1294E](PDF)Family Information Form IMM 5645(PDF)Travel History Form, and an IMM 5257 – Schedule 1(PDF) fully completed, dated, and signed. fully completed, dated, and signed.  Answer every question. If not applicable, write N/A.
  2. Two passport photographs for each applicant. Signed, dated and taken in the past six (6) months. Write the name and birth date of the individual on the back.
  3. Processing fee  – Ensure that you have paid the correct processing fee. The green receipt must be submitted with your application.
  4. Valid passport from each person requiring a temporary resident visa. Your passport should be valid for at least six (6) months from the date of travel to Canada.
  5. Include all cancelled or expired passports, if applicable.
    If you do not reside in your country of citizenship, you must provide your work permit/temporary stay permit.
  6. A photocopy of the bio-data page of each applicant’s passport.
  7. All previous educational documents (originals only)
  8. Original and a photocopy of the Letter of acceptance from your educational institution in Canada, even if you are intending to study for a period less than six (6) months. If your acceptance is conditional you must show you can meet the conditions.
  9. Proof of sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses for at least one year in Canada. In addition to the cost of tuition, you should have at least C$20,635 available to cover your living expenses.
    Please submit:

    1. copies of bank statements or a bank book covering the past 6 months
    2. any additional supporting documents demonstrating a reliable source of funds (notarized letter of undertaking and financial documents from parent or sponsor, an official letter of scholarship or financial award, investments, income from rental properties, etc.)
    3. if your tuition has already been paid, please provide proof of payment.
  10. Provincial attestation letter from the province or territory where you plan to study  you must
    1. submit your PAL with your application, not after
    2. submit a PAL even if you’re applying for a prerequisite course or program, including language courses or programs.
    3. submit a PAL for each study permit applicant, even if you’re applying as a family and submitting your applications together
  11. Copy of National Identity Card for each applicant.
  12. Copies of Birth Certificates for minor children/Marriage Certificate/ Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union [IMM5409](PDF) as applicable
  13. Any other documentation/information showing your ties to Pakistan.
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