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The Irish Government provides an opportunity to all Pakistani students to study in the country but as a prerequisite, you’ll have to obtain a student visa first. The visa you’d need will depend on your age and the type of study you wish to pursue in Ireland. Here’s an overview of the types of study visas and their application requirements:

*For detailed information, please visit the Irish Government’s Naturalisation and Immigration Service website.
Ireland visa for study

Useful guide for ‘D visa’

Documents required for ‘D Study visa’ in Ireland

To apply for your study visa, you will generally need:

Bank Statement :

  • Bank cover letter is of good quality
  • Bank Contact details like Email, Officer Name, Tel. number is given
  • Bank Contact details on Bank web site matches with Bank contact details on cover letter
  • Statement is of immediate last 6 months
  • No Lump Sum lodgments and if there are any explanations
  • Student fee payments / Education Bond payments are reflecting in Bank statement
  • Sponsor is if salaried person, his /her salary should be reflecting in Bank statement
  • If sponsor is overseas and his bank statement is other currency, it must be converted in PKR / EURO via OANDA

If student is going on 1 year course EURO 10,000+ must be shown and if more than 1 year than 10,000x No. of years must be provided

Sponsor Employment :

  • Salary slips are on printed letterhead
  • Salary is reflected in Bank statement of sponsor
  • Sponsor Employer job letter is of good quality and has exact contact details like Email/ Tel/ etc and if it has web site that’s a plus

Sponsor Business Documents : 

  • NTN is provided
  • Business profile & Letter of support on printed letterhead
  • Businesses must have a company web site if any, and company domain email ID like & NOT Hotmail/ Gmail/ Yahoo email ID
  • Sponsor Affidavit of support must include some details of business, source of income and willingness to support student

Education Bond : 

  • Bond payment if paid by sponsor is reflected in sponsor Bank statement
  • Course is an HETAC course eligible for EB
  • Student can show funds equal to Euro 10,000 for 1st year living costs by purchasing Education Bond. Details are at
  • In addition to Bond, sponsor source of income with a modest bank statement is provided if possible

TT / Swift Transfer of Fee :

  • TT receipt MUST Have sender name which can be sponsor name and in Ref# student name and DOB must be mentioned
  • Sponsor bank statement should be reflecting outgoing TT for fee and EB
  • College fee receipt from an Irish Bank account must be mentioned

Spelling / Grammar :

Please check spelling / Grammar mistakes on

  • Bank Cover Letter
  • Sponsor Business Letter
  • Student Employment Letter

Family Relationship :

  • Clear Family link is established with sponsor & Student
  • NADRA CNIC, FRC & BFORM provided with Birth Certificates
  • Family Tree provided


SOP / Student Essay is submitted including below

  • Why student is not undertaking similar course in Pakistan
  • Why the course in Ireland
  • What is future plans and what options student will have in Pakistan
  • ACCA students going for ACCA rest of papers in Ireland must provide points why not ACCA in Pakistan
  • A clear study plan must be provided
  • Foundation Course students – provide evidence that you studied in English course and got max IELTS score

Ties with Pakistan :

  • Provide rejoining letter in case of doing job and going to Ireland
  • Provide a Father letter in case family has a business & student will rejoin after studies in Ireland
  • A job search in Pakistan after an Irish degree
  • Some examples of Pakistani students doing business/ job in PK

Already Refused :

  • Refusal letter from UK / Australia etc provided with an explanation.


  • Must provide evidence if gap of more than 6 months is there in CV

Financial Summary

If any of your document is not in English/Irish, then it must include a full translation. Also, each of the translated document must consist of:

  • A translator confirmation as evidence of accurate translation of the original document submitted;
  • The translation date;
  • The full name and signature of the translator; and
  • The contact details of your translator

*Please note that these are the basic requirements, speak with your SCS counsellor for a detailed list of documents required for visa processing

When can you apply? 

You can apply for a study visa up to three months before your travel date to Ireland.

Applying for your visa online

You can apply for your student visa application online using the Irish Government’s official website. You can apply up to three months before your intended date of travel to Ireland. Remember, your application date is the date when your application fee is paid.

How can SCS help with visa applications?

If you’re an SCS student with an offer letter from any of our partner institutions in Ireland, we can advise you on how to go about the entire process. We’ll make sure you are fully informed on the latest visa requirements and conditions; also help you prepare the right documents for your submission.

Our team of experts will direct you to the official websites and to authorised immigration representatives to ensure you have the latest applications forms and guidance. To reduce the hassle, we can also help to certify, translate and courier your documents.

Visa fee

You must apply online for a visa:

  • You would be required to complete online application process. The online system will then create a summary application form.
  • By following the instructions from summary application form you will be able to submit your supporting documents.
  • You must print, sign and date the summary form and submit it with your supporting documents.

The Irish Government may then ask you to provide Biometrics information.

For further details on how to book biometric appointment click here

English language requirements

To gain your study visa for Ireland, you’ll have to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language. This usually means passing a secure English language test to be able to prove your communication and correspondence skills.

A minimum score of 6.0 band is required in IELTS to apply for an Irish study visa for Bachelors program

A minimum score of 6.5 band is required in IELTS to apply for Irish study visa for Master Program.

Other test like PTE and TOEFL are also accepted

From May 2022 Irish visa office will also accept Skills for English and Language Cert exams for Visa applications.

Visit our website for preparation/test booking information

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