English tests with SCS

SCS sister organization, Institute of Career Development ( offer various English exams approved for student visas and admissions in top Universities

Exams that can be attempted at ICD Centers or some of them can be attempted at home & test fee vouchers can be purchased from SCS / ICD

Online Exams at Home

(Attempt at home, quick results, less test fee)
  1. LinguaSkill exam of Cambridge (Accepted at UK, Ireland and at some Australia Institutions)
  2. TOEFL Home Edition exam (Accepted worldwide)
  3. Duolingo English Test (Accepted at Ireland UK Canada and US institutions for admissions)
  4. Language Cert exams (Accepted at UK Institutions for admissions & visa purposes)
  5. English Score by British Council (Test your English at your mobile phone and get British Council Certificate. Impress your colleagues, employer and enhance your CV)
  6. To book these exams / purchase test vouchers and logins see online store at ICD
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Appear in English exams at SCS managed ICD Centers

SCS managed ICD Test centres are offering following English exams
  1. Computer Delivered IDP IELTS exam – Accepted worldwide. See
  2. PSI UKVI SELT exam for student visa purposes – All UK visa categories – See
  3. TOEFL iBT and GRE exams – Accepted worldwide with focus on US and Canada. See
  4. Cambridge English exams including Cambridge English Advance, First Certificate in English and Business English Certificate exams – Accepted for UK, Ireland and Australia – See

To book these exams / purchase test vouchers and logins go to ICD test web link or  see online store at ICD

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