Already have a student visa refusal

If you have student visa refusal, do not be disheartened!

Contact SCS with confidence and supply us following documents to assess your case

  • Your visa refusal letter or account of visa interview
  • Your CV / Academic docs
  • Finances you presented to visa officer
  • Your Immigration history
  • Your marital status
  • Your relations abroad which you mentioned at visa application stage
  • Any other documents or details you consider important

Sent this information to: SCS

Visa Counselor
0321 8425011

Once we will have all of the above, we will assess the refusal and we may set up an interview with you / private meeting to discuss merits of case.

SCS will be able to

  • Draft an appeal if allowed by visa refusal letter
  • Reapplication of student visa addressing concerns of visa officer
  • Gathering documents to address concerns of visa officer eg. We can provide a verification report from third party if needed.
  • Arranging new offer letter from Institution abroad / New Health cover

Preparing for student visa interview

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